Team work and all that jazz

How many job interviews have you been on where the interviewer asked if you are a team player? If you’re like me, then the answer is all of them.

This past weekend, unfortunately one of my co-workers did not get that memo and up and quit without giving notice. This may not seem like a big deal to some people, however when you work in a customer service field (we are here to make the doctors lives easier) it is a VERY big deal. The Doctors really rely on us and they have mentioned multiple times how we help make them more productive during the shift because they are able to focus more on the patient and less on the documentation.

Any way, about half way through my shift, my regional manager texted me asking if I would be willing to stay a few extra hours to help cover the physician that was now without a scribe. I told her not a problem and informed her of how late I could stay. Realizing the over night physicians shift started one hour before the end of my shift, I asked the other scribe if she was okay just covering the first hour and then I would take over. As luck would have it, she said yes.

See, this is the perfect example of teamwork. She didn’t even think twice about it. We both new it would help the physician loads and even though we couldn’t stay the whole shift, the few hours we stayed help a lot.

Now, I can see why some people would want to quit this job. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, however the stress is really high and the base salary is laughable. But, if you work hard and stay for a couple of months, the experience we get is invaluable. Even with that being said, the turnover rate is very high. I know at the hospital I work at in particular, we loose about 1/3 of our staff every 6 months and go through  new hiring cycle every 3 months just to keep afloat. Some leave to further their education (i.e Medical School, PA school, Nursing School) while others realize this is not what they thought and resign.

But anyway, the point I wanted to make, is be a team player. If you are truly unhappy with whatever you are doing in life and work in a position that multiple individuals rely on you, the least you can do is put in your two week notice.


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