Find Your Reason Why


It has been a very busy past few weeks and I apologize for the absence. I’m currently in the process of studying for my pre-test to get accepted into an EMT program, so all my down time has been allocated to that.

Also, Nurses week was last week (or the week prior) and a quick shout out to all the Nurses in both inpatient, outpatient and other facilities. Speaking from the hospital I work at in particular, the ED would not run nowhere near as smoothly as it does, if it were not for the hard work and continued dedication of all of the Nurses. So, I thank you all (albeit a little late) and will forever appreciate your service.

I would also like to Congratulate all the Graduates of 2017!! Whether your graduating from elementary school (like my brother), middle school, high school, or college, a huge CONGRATS TO YOU!!!

Last week was one of many times where I questioned if going to medical school is worth it. I think about all the burnout that physicians face and the constant stress due to the long hours. I also think about how some patients still find reasons to complain, even when the physician went above and beyond to satisfy the patient. It’s funny how whenever I have this thought, God always finds a way to remind me of why I love medicine. And more importantly, why I need to become a physician.

We had a patient come in who was very young and was diagnosed with cancer that had began to spread and is resistant to the chemotherapy she was currently undergoing. This patient was the most positive patient I had ever come across. She never once complained about being sick or about having to be poked countless times due to her IV constantly blowing. Before leaving the room, my doctor asked the patient how does she stay so positive when things look meek? She responded that her relationship with God has helped keep her spirit high. She knows that his plan is the only plan and feels like she is a vessel to help bring about change in the medical field. She even stated how she would like to donate her body to medicine when she dies so that more young women can be helped who have the same disease as her.

This made me stop and really reflect on my life. Here is a young women who is very sick, however smiles constantly and here I am feeling sorry for myself because I have a long journey ahead until I am complete with my education. This young women gave me the motivation I needed to continue forward. I pray one day, that I am able to help heal those who need it or help make comfortable those that don’t yet have a cure.

To everyone continuing on in this journey called life, keep on trekking on.

Have a Blessed Day!





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