No its not Cancer

These past few weeks, I’ve been seeing a lot of patients that are in their first few months of pregnancy. For some women this is amazing news and a welcomed surprise. For other women, not so much.

I remember this patient I had who came in to the ED compiling of abdominal pain with bloating. She said she was having excessive weight gain however she has been eating less and less. When asked what other symptoms she has, she said she had some nausea, a few episodes of vomiting, lower back pain, swelling of her feet and breast pain. The Doctor asked if there was any possibility she could be pregnant to which the patient said no. The Doctor then went on to ask if she’s sexually active and the patient said yes while adding in she doesn’t use contraceptives.

This prompted the Doctor to ask the patient why does she feel she isn’t pregnant if she is having unprotected sex. The patient then informed us that she was told she is unable to get pregnant due to her history of endometriosis. This patient was still having cycles although they were irregular.

 Just a quick note, if you are a female and still have cycles, you can get pregnant. Also if you are a female engaging in sexual intercourse with a male and are not using contraceptives (I.e condoms, birth control pills, IUD, etc) then you are playing Russian roulette with your uterus.

After hearing the story, the Doctor informed the patient she may be pregnant based on her story. All of a sudden, a light bulb clicked in her head and she started to inform the doctor that a few months ago she began to notice a weird sensation like having butterflies in her stomach. The doctor told her that’s the baby kicking. We all then rock out laughing, patient included. It was just really funny.

Still laughing, we left the patients room and was just in shock at how a middle aged women could not know she was pregnant. When the ultrasound resulted, not only was it confirmed that the patient pregnant but also it showed that she was approximately 35 weeks. We knew the patient was pregnant, but on exam she didn’t look that far along.

When the patient was updated, her mother had joined her by this time and was just as shocked as the patient was to hear the confirmation. What came out of the mothers mouth next HS me really questioning things. The mother looked the doctor in the face and said she didn’t care what the results said and stated her daughter instead had cancer.

Now, I completely understand women having some type of feelings about an unplanned pregnancy, but for someone to wish it was cancer instead really baffles me.

The Doctor then took he time and explained the ultrasound results in more details with both the mother and the patient making sure they fully comprehended that the patient was in fact pregnant and near full term. After all the questions were answered about how there is no way the fetus is instead a cancerous cell, the mother and the patient began to cry.

Like I said earlier, a pregnancy isn’t great news for everyone.